The Southern Highlands Golf Club 

We are pleased to welcome you to Southern Highlands Golf Club. We have established a series of customs and traditions in order to enhance your experience at our Club. We take pride in making every one of our guests feel like a member during your visit with us.  

This dress code is mandatory for all players.  Improperly dressed golfers shall be asked to change before playing.  If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the golf shop before starting play.  The decision of the Head Golf Professional or Director of Golf regarding dress code is final.

Expectations are that Member and Guests will dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club Facilities.  Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times on the Club premises, except in locker rooms, the pool areas and other areas that may be designated by the Club.  Members are responsible for their guests being properly attired.  Club Management has the final decision related to dress code matters.  The policies are general and may vary by Club, especially as it relates to particular dining areas.  It is up to the member to check with the Club prior to visiting for any special circumstances that may exist.

In order to best enjoy your experience, we ask that you please observe the following Club policies:


Shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks, or Bermuda shorts of mid-thigh length are considered appropriate attire. Mock turtleneck shirts with at least 1 ¼ inch break are the only acceptable non-collar shirts. 

Tank tops, t-shirts, mesh shirts, sweat pants, warm-up suits, swimwear, short shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts, cargo shorts or pants, or other athletic shorts are not permitted.

Blue jeans and denim are not proper golf attire for either the golf course or practice range.

Golf Shoes – Shoes with metal spikes are not allowed at the Club. Shoes with soft spikes or spikeless shoes must be worn.


Dresses, skirts, slacks, mid-length shorts, and blouses are considered appropriate attire along with sleeveless collared shirts. Halter tops, t-shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, warm-up suits, swimwear, tennis dresses, short shorts, cargo shorts or pants, or other athletic shorts are not permitted.

Blue jeans and denim are not proper golf attire for either the golf course or practice range.

Golf Shoes – Shoes with metal spikes are not allowed at the Club. Shoes with soft spikes or spikeless shoes must be worn.

  • Attire for boys and girls 7 and above is the same as noted above for men and women.

  • Children under the age of 7 must maintain a conservative and modest attire in keeping with the Club’s tradition.


With respect to proper attire for the Clubhouse dining, the standard is Golf Club casual.  Presentable denim that is tasteful and properly fitted is acceptable as is golf and business attire.



Proper tennis attire is required at all times.  Examples of attire not permitted include t-shirts with graphic designs, undershirts, fishnet shirts, cut-offs, jams, blue jeans/denim, and bathing suits.  Regulation tennis shoes are required.


Attire not considered acceptable for gentlemen: t-shirts, tank tops, cargo shorts or pants, ripped pants of any kind, cutoff shorts, or any gym or athletic wear (unless covered up with a warm-up suit). No flip-flops or beach sandals.

Attire not considered acceptable for ladies:  t-shirts, tank tops, swimsuits, cutoffs, ripped pants of any kind, short shorts, gym or athletic wear (unless covered with a warm-up suit) including leggings. No flip-flops or beach sandals.

We ask that gentlemen remove hats and visors in all areas of the Clubhouse with the exception of the Men’s Grille.  We ask that juniors adhere to the dress code as well.



Cell phones are not to be used in the Clubhouse or Spa except in designated areas.  They are also not allowed on the driving range.  Cell phones should always be in “non-ringer” mode while at the Club.


All food and beverages consumed on the Club Facilities must be furnished by the Club unless otherwise permitted.


Self-parking is permitted in areas identified as such.  No parking will be allowed on grassed areas.  “No Parking” signs must be observed.  Violators may be towed at the owner’s expense.


Smoking of cigarettes and cigars is permitted only in designated areas in the men’s grille, and the outside decks.  Smoking is not permitted in the dining room or the 19th Hole.  Pipe smoking is prohibited on Club property.

Firearms and all other weapons of any kind are not permitted on Club property at any time.


Guest privileges may be extended under the rules established by the Club from time to time.  Although it is the intention of the Club to accommodate guests without inconvenience to the members. No guest will be permitted to play the golf course more than 6 times per membership year.  Tournament rounds do not apply to this usage limit. 

The Club shall establish from time to time the rate of the daily guest fees, charges, and the rules and regulations for use of the Club Facilities by guests. 

Guest privileges may be limited, denied, withdrawn, or revoked at any time for reasons considered sufficient by the Club, in its sole and absolute discretion.

1. All guests must be accompanied by a member while using the Club Facilities unless the Club determines otherwise.

2. A particular individual using the Club Facilities as a guest must be registered by the sponsoring member with the Club.  The Club reserves the right to require identification by each guest.  Guests will be charged guest fees for use of the Club Facilities as determined from time to time by the Club.

3. Guests will be entitled to use the Club Facilities only in accordance with the privileges of the membership of the sponsoring member.

4. Guest charges for any services may be charged against the sponsoring member’s Club account or paid by credit card.  Cash payments are not permitted.

5. The sponsoring member shall be responsible for all charges incurred by the guest.  The sponsoring member is also responsible for the conduct of a guest while at the Club.  If the manner, deportment, or appearance of any guest is deemed to be unsatisfactory the sponsoring member shall, at the request of the Club, cause such guest to leave the premises of the Club.

Driving Directions
From McCarran Airport, merge on to I-215 West for two miles. Merge onto the I-15 South towards Los Angeles for seven miles.

Take Exit 27 for St. Rose Parkway/Southern Highlands Parkway.

Keep to the right to merge onto Southern Highlands Parkway. Turn left at the stop sign and enter the Southern Highlands security gate.

Southern Highlands Golf Club | One Robert Trent Jones Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89141 | (702)-263-1000